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Kouros Village Hotel


The Kouros Village Hotel is the ideal embodiment of Greek charm, tradition and hospitality. The first hotel to be built in Perissa, a laid-back seaside resort on the eastern coast of Santorini, Kouros Village combines classic architecture with contemporary luxuries to create a unique and unforgettable experience for guests.

Since 1993, the Kouros Village family has bridged the gap between old and new in Santorini. This is a place you to come to immerse yourself in Greece’s incomparable culture, cuisine and pleasures. Behind the boutique hotel’s essence lies a desire to marry the natural multi-coloured beauty of the Cyclades with its signature classic architecture.


From the delicately decorated garden of colourful Bougainvillea to the iconic splashes of white and blue; the kaleidoscope of mosaic tiling, hand-crafted pottery, exquisite ceramics and turquoise-tinted pool: everything about the Kouros Village personable warmth, whilst indulging in the utmost comforts Hotel brings pleasure to the soul. After sunset, when the garden glows warmly in the light of lanterns, that’s when the true essence of Santorini comes alive.

Just a few steps away from Perissa’s amazing black-sand beach and a smattering of charming tavernas, bars and cafés, the Kouros Village is your ideal choice for a contemplative, and relaxing escapade in Santorini.

Relaxing yet rejuvenating. Indulgent yet traditional. Hopelessly romantic and always unforgettable.

Kouros Village Hotel awaits you.

To preserve the essence of tranquillity, do note that the Kouros Village is a small boutique hotel, offering adults-only stays (16yo+) for 74 guests in 35 elegantly appointed rooms

Relaxing yet rejuvenating. Indulgent yet traditional. Hopelessly romantic and always unforgettable.
At the Kouros Village Hotel, we pride ourselves in perfecting the art of personalized service. We make it our mission not only to satisfy your needs and desires during your Greek Island escapade but to make you feel at home, right here in Santorini.

The Kouros Village was among the first hotels to ever be built in the quaint resort town of Perissa, on Santorini’s south-eastern coast. Renowned for its spectacular black-sand beach that stretches for more than 3km, Perissa is serviced by water sport and leisure facilities and an array of excellent restaurants, cafés and bars. The beach is not only long but also quite wide (hence the water sports services) and is lapped by tranquil turquoise seas.

Restaurant & Bar

For a quintessential dining experience, the Restaurant at the Kouros Village Hotel hosts a variety of flavoursome Mediterranean dishes. Each of our dishes harmonises delicious local delicacies that Santorini has to offer, all while being served in a true and authentic spirit. A spirit that captures Greece’s delectably famous ingredients. So why not indulge each morning in a hearty buffet-style breakfast, with hints of traditional savouries from all across the island.

Unforgettable Experiences

We’d love to think that a stay with us at Kouros Village Hotel is a Santorini experience in its own right. Yet we know that the desire to explore, discover, be amazed, have fun and indulge in every corner of our idyllic island is a priority for so many of our treasured guests.

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