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Covid-19 Safety & PCR information

At the Kouros Village Hotel, we are fully aware of the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on all of your daily lives. Within the tourism industry, specifically, the impact has allowed for a time of reflection. We have taken this time to develop our operational services to ensure that we are able to provide a high-quality service to all of our guest.

Your safety and that of all our staff, is our utmost priority.

To this end, we would be grateful if you took a moment to read our COVID-19 safety guide, which is in accordance with the Greek government’s regulations for infection prevention.

For the safety of all personnel and guests, our staff members have been comprehensively trained in line with the required health and safety guidance given by the Greek government and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Upon check-in, our reception team will provide you with a full briefing of our current health practices. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to answer any question, big or small.

Here’s an overview of our COVID-19 safe travel measures:


  • All rooms are thoroughly disinfected using a wide range of verified cleaning products
  • When cleaning, staff pays close attention to high-touch surfaces, including desks, counters, phones, TV/Aircon remotes, cabinets, doors, shower room, toiletries, windows, light switches, door handles, clothing rail, hangers etc
  • All linens are sanitised in a high-temperature wash
  • You’ll find a hand sanitiser in your room, for you own personal use. Please do so every time you enter the room
  • All rooms will be deep cleaned for every new occupant after check-out.
  • A minimum of 24hr vacancy is kept between occupancies

Public spaces

  • High-touch public areas have been identified and are regularly disinfected. These include door handles, railings, tables, light switches, countertops, lavatory area etc
  • Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the hotel for all guests to use

Restaurant & Bar

  • The number of table covers available in the hotel has been reduced, in line with official guidelines
  • All chairs and tables are thoroughly sanitised after each use
  • Sanitation of our restaurant facilities is regularly checked
  • Whenever possible, please use contactless payment options

Pool Area

  • Sun loungers are deep cleaned after each use
  • Public showers are regularly disinfected
  • Pool equipment, such as umbrellas, is sanitized after each use

Staff Hygiene

  • All staff members are required to follow the official advice and use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and that includes wearing of masks in all public areas
  • All staff members are required to sanitise their hands frequently
  • All of our staff members will be implementing social distancing practices


  • All of our hotel departments are following official health and safety guidance
  • Regular disinfection of the rear of the house


PCR Testing

Here at the Kouros Village Hotel, we are committed to ensuring your vacation with us in Santorini is blissfully enjoyable and hassle-free. Especially in COVID times.

In order to facilitate your return home at the end of your vacation, we would like to inform  you that local medical diagnostic centres are currently offering discounted RT-PCR and Antigen (Rapid) tests for foreign visitors.

You are welcome to book your appointment directly with one of the following highly reputable clinics, at least 10 days in advance:

PROLIPSI Lab, in Mesaria and Emporio* (*the closest lab to our hotel)

Antigen – €20

PCR – €60

Medlife Clinic, in Mesaria

Antigen – €25

PCR – €80

Santorini Central Clinic, in Fira

Antigen – €30

PCR – €90

Please call +30 2286021728


If you wish to have a PCR test carried out at the Kouros Village Hotel, we would be happy to arrange a house-call by our trusted partners at the Medlife Clinic.

The cost of a private PCR test in our hotel premises is €100.

Please note that COVID-19 testing requirements differ by country – kindly double-check your home country’s entry specifications before booking your test.

At the Kouros Village Hotel, your health and safety are our top priority – please note our comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Measures.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

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