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At Kouros Village Boutique Hotel, we wholeheartedly believe that we can travel the world and be kind to it, simultaneously. Treading lightly on the planet we all share is not always easy but we are fervently committed to acting responsibly, and sustainably, in the running of our establishment.

Here are the most significant sustainable practices we are implementing at Kouros Village – now and in the near future:

Providing purified drinking water
By offering our guests a source of purified and potable water, we help eliminate the need for our guests to use single-use plastic bottles during their stay. You are encouraged to pack your favourite drinking bottle from home! Alternatively, we will be happy to provide you with one if you’re looking to venture off for the day.
We separate waste into three categories (recycled materials, food waste, and general waste) and work with a third-party facility on the island which collects and handles our waste correctly. Our food waste is being turned into biogas! You will find recycling bins around our property and are kindly urged to ensure you dispose of your waste in the appropriate bins. Kouros Village, Santorini, and the planet thank you for your help.
Sustainable, eco-friendly amenities
We are committed to using only CE-certified products and other amenities in our hotel. You’ll enjoy our complimentary luxury toiletries, even more, when you know they are CE-certified.
Energy and Co2 emission limiting measures
The implementation of LED lighting ensures our energy emission are as gentle to the planet as possible. We are also in the process of finalizing a solar-energy plan that will reduce our CO2 footprint.
Emphasis is placed on 0km produce
Our kitchen team proudly sources the freshest produce from every corner of the island. This way, we not only support local farmers but we also limit the environmental impact of each and every meal we serve.
Green Key Certification (to come!)
We are immensely proud to be well on our way to receiving Green Key Certification. The GKC is a voluntary program that certifies hotels and other establishments adhere to a long and strict array of environmental, social, and cultural practices. This is the leading certification body in the hospitality industry and currently counts more than 3,700 certified establishments, worldwide.

Receiving our Green Key Certification will be a testament to the comprehensive sustainability commitment we have been focusing on in recent years.

Did you know that over 13 MILLION tonnes of plastic end up in our seas, each and every year?

Kouros Village Hotel has partnered with ENALEIA, an NGO dedicated to two main objectives: eradicating plastic waste at sea and encouraging more sustainable fishing practices. ENALEIA organizes sea clean-ups and works directly with local fishermen in order to educate them on the precarious issue of fish depletion in our seas. By focusing on these two distinct issues, ENALEIA is committed to creating a more sustainable marine ecosystem. And so are we.

Will you help us?

From 2023, Kouros Village Hotel will implement a 1.00€ surcharge per overnight stay – these supportive funds will be donated directly to ENALEIA on behalf of our guests.

Kouros Village will match our guests’ yearly donations, doubling the overall contribution.

We hope you agree that we can make an impressive impact on the health of the marine world we all love and cherish if we all lend a helping hand.

The Mediterranean Sea is the beating heart and soul of our life here, on Santorini, and improving the health of all seas is something that we are passionate about. If you wish to donate more, during your stay, simply let us know. We will be honoured to help you help our planet too.


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