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The Kouros Village was among the first hotels to ever be built in the quaint resort town of Perissa, on Santorini’s south-eastern coast. Renowned for its spectacular black-sand beach that stretches for more than 3km, Perissa is serviced by water sport and leisure facilities and an array of excellent restaurants, cafés and bars. The beach is not only long but also quite wide (hence the water sports services) and is lapped by tranquil turquoise seas.

The sheer size, beauty and laid-back vibe of Perissa make this the most enjoyable beach in all of Santorini. Think we’re biased? Well…why don’t you come and find out for yourself?!

Here, away from the bustling scenes of Oia and Fira, you will discover Santorini’s quieter and more authentic side. You will still have the best of the island at your doorstep, mind you: discovering the most unmissable historical and cultural highlights will still be child’s play. Yet you will have a quieter beach in which to indulge and, for this alone, we think Perissa is the best place to stay on the island.


The most famous and coveted of all the Greek Islands, Santorini carries more than 5,000 years of fascinating cultural history on its shoulders. Human habitation here is believed to date back at least 7,000 years. Created by the rising sea levels over 3 million years ago, Santorini and her Aegean archipelago sisters are essentially the peaks of ancient volcanos.

The volcanic nature of Santorini is what gifts her breath-taking landscapes. The nutrient-rich soil, moreover, gives us some of the most delicious wines and tomatoes in the entire Mediterranean region. Such unique ancient origins have created utterly unique experiences for visitors nowadays. From the island’s sunken and flooded caldera to ancient villages precariously perched atop rocky cliffs and unique wine varieties, like Vinsanto and Assyrtiko, that have been nourished over thousands of years.

The awe-inspiring landscapes in Santorini are equally matched by captivating human histories. At the end of the day, this is what makes the island such an idyllic and varied holiday destination. Yes, people visit Santorini to delight in the world-class beaches, amazing scenery and incredible cuisine, yet if it is archaeological splendours you wish to discover…you willll find plenty of those too.

Akrotiri Archaeological Site
The once-thriving copper trading settlement of Akrotiri was both catastrophically destroyed and amazingly preserved by the 1628 BC Theran eruption. Make no mistake: this prehistoric ‘settlement’ was a bonafide metropolis, home to a sophisticated civilization.

At the height of its prominence, before being spectacularly blanketed by deadly volcanic ash, Akrotiri boasted innovative town planning and outstanding works of art. One of seven Santorini treasures that are on UNESCO’s tentative protective lists, the Akrotiri Archaeological Site is an unmissable highlight for anyone visiting Santorini for the very first time.
Fira Village
Gorgeous Fira is set atop the caldera cliffs facing Nea Kameni, an uninhabited black-rock islet that’s a popular day-trip destination with hikers and photographers alike. The bustling capital of Santorini, Fira offers great shopping options, fantastic restaurants, museums and galleries.

Not only is Fira the economic heart of the island but also its cultural core. Yes, the town can be a bustling tourist hub in summer but there are many hidden cafés, restaurants and boutiques to discover in its maze ofcharming side-streets. The town’s old harbour, Ormos Port, can be reached on footalong a rustic mule-path (which, it must be said, is much easier to descend ratherthan ascend!) or via cable-car and is ideal for a spot of people-watching. Picturesqueand enchanting, Fira oozes old-world charm and offers the kind of jaw-dropping views that cemented Santorini’s fame.

Oia Village
Another of Santorini’s most Instagrammable sunset spots, Oia village enjoys a most enviable position, right on the north-western tip of the island. Those iconic Santorini sunset photos with the signature whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches set against the backdrop of a gleaming Mediterranean? Yes, they were taken right here. Perhaps the most famous of all the postcard-perfect villages in Santorini, Oia boasts a dramatic setting and although it can get crowded at sunset, it is actually a very charming (and relatively quiet) village to discover during the day.
Amoudi Bay
Framed by terracotta-coloured cliffs dotted

with whitewashed houses, Amoudi Bay offers eye-popping views of Santorini’s famed caldera. Come here to enjoy a delicious lunch of net-fresh seafood and a refreshing swim, keeping an eye out for daredevil cliff jumpers. You can reach Amoudi Bay by car yet the walk down from Oia Village, down 300-odd steps, offers endless photographic opportunities.
Pyrgos Village
Pyrgos is Santorini’s old capital and the best-preserved of all the island’s Medieval villages. Sprawled on the foothills of Mt Profitis Ilias, Pyrgos is one of the island’s hidden gems and offers sensational vistas and a sneak-peek into Santorin’s more cultural and traditional life. The quaint little streets, the tree-lined main square and all those rustic cafés will show you a side of the island many visitors never discover. The village’s 17th-century church, the largest and most important on the whole island, has just undergone extensive restoration. Want to soak up a truly unforgettable and unique Santorini sunset? Then skip the coast for one evening and head up to the Castle of Pyrgos instead.

Red Beach
It’s amazing how beautiful ‘pulverized volcanic rock’ can be yet one look at Santorini’s Red Beach and you will soon be sold. Located close to the Akrotiri Archaeological site, Red Beach is backed by rugged high cliffs and is a glorious sight both from above and below. The juxtaposition of red rock and deep-blue seas is totally captivating. Do note that the beach is classified as unsafe by local authorities due to it being prone to rockslides.

Whilst we certainly recommend a visit for the incredible views, this is perhaps not the best beach in which to spend a relaxing day soaking up the rays. For that, we would recommend our next stellar option…
Perissa Beach
There’s no denying that all of Santorini’s beaches are spectacular yet Perissa is the widest and most spacious of them all and this, coupled with calm waters, makes it ideal for water sport enthusiasts. This is arguably the best beach in the Aegean archipelago for crazy fun activities like banana rides, water skiing, jet skiing, wave runner rides, speed boat tours, as well as more subdued sports like SUP boarding, snorkelling and SCUBA diving.

With full beach services, plenty of space and unreal views, you would be hard-pressed to find a more idyllic setting for your Santorini vacation.
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