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The Kouros Village was among the first hotels to ever be built in the quaint resort town of Perissa, on Santorini’s south-eastern coast. Renowned for its spectacular black-sand beach that stretches for more than 3km, Perissa is serviced by water sport and leisure facilities and an array of excellent restaurants, cafés and bars. The beach is not only long but also quite wide (hence the water sports services) and is lapped by tranquil turquoise seas.

The sheer size, beauty and laid-back vibe of Perissa make this the most enjoyable beach in all of Santorini. Think we’re biased? Well…why don’t you come and find out for yourself?!

Here, away from the bustling scenes of Oia and Fira, you will discover Santorini’s quieter and more authentic side. You will still have the best of the island at your doorstep, mind you: discovering the most unmissable historical and cultural highlights will still be child’s play. Yet you will have a quieter beach in which to indulge and, for this alone, we think Perissa is the best place to stay on the island.

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